Being on time

For today’s society being on time is a necessary requirement. Being late is considered rude and undependable. If one wants to be successful he always needs to be right on time or even a few minutes early. This is not only true in business life it is also true for private life. Clocks dictate the everyday life.


The dictations of the clock, starts after birth. Parents try to keep their children on a tight schedule. They get fed at the same time, put down to sleep at the same time and are played with the same time. Most parents believe that introducing a routine into a child’s life early is important for its development. Also their own life is already on a schedule and they have to try to fit the child into it.

Later other activities get introduced to one’s schedule. A big part of a child’s schedule is influenced by school in the next years. Friends and family also need to be part of the schedule. At this age the planning of the day begins. There are more and more things to fit in the schedule while one is growing up.

As an adult one’s schedule is completely fixed. Getting up in the morning, go to work, leaving work and go back home. This is every day’s structure. Friends and family are part of the schedule, too. Meeting the parents for lunch every Sunday and going out with a friend every Friday. Routine dictates the life and this routine only changes, when life changes in a big manner.

Getting married or moving in with the partner can changes one’s routine. Giving birth and raising a child definitely changes one’s routine. Just like the own parents did, one has to fit the child into his own routine and thereby changing it. The cycle of routine begins again.

Some people are fed up with having a tight schedule and a routine. They try to brake free and make a huge change in their life. Moving to another country or leaving the civilization for living in the woods is examples of these changes. Some feel better afterwards but others realize that having a schedule might not be such a bad thing.


July 12th, 2011
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